Giza Archives Web Site Redesigned

April 8, 2009

Since our formal launch in January 2005, the Giza Web Site has undergone several enhancements and makeovers. But today we launch an entirely new homepage and organization, while preserving and expanding on all the search capabilities users have come to know.

Screenshot of the Giza Archives homepage ( Click the refresh button to see a different background photo each time. There's a lot of them!

Screenshot of the new Giza Archives homepage ( Click the refresh button to see a different background photo each time. There's a lot of them!

Everything is now housed under five main buttons. Hundreds of text-searchable Giza publications, available for free download, are in the “Giza Library.” All kinds of searches are now listed under “Search the Archives.” Save and share your own research and collections in “My Giza Research.” The “News” section will keep you updated; in fact, that’s where this Director’s Blog is housed. And finally, “Contact” provides several methods for sending us feedback, learning about copyright issue, joining our subscriber list for news and announcements, and supporting the Giza Archives with donations towards our Mellon Foundation Endowment Challenge grant. And for quick searching across all database fields, there is always the faithful Search box handy.

Some quick tips: under “Search the Archives,”  try “Search Giza from Above” for new ways to visit the Pyramids without buying a plane ticket. To see the total numbers and types of documents at any time, choose “Complete Archive Summary.”

Soon we plan to add a number of short “How to…” videos on our “How to Use this Web Site” page (located under “Search the Archives”). These will make it easier to find what you’re looking for, as well as provide some educational videos about Giza, its history and significance (to be located under “My Giza Research,” on the “Ancient Egypt Educator Resources” page). Whether you’re an armchair archaeologist or professional Egyptologist, our goal is to make the art and archaeology of the Giza Necropolis as accessible as possible.

And as always, we need and look forward to feedback from you!

Peter Der Manuelian

One Response to “Giza Archives Web Site Redesigned”

  1. Pierre Gable Says:

    This website is getting better and better. Congratulations !

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